Convenient and Reliable Services 

Barkingham Mobile Pet Spaw in Nottingham, NH understands that being groomed is not high on your furry companion’s list of favorite things to do. 

By coming to you, we reduce the stress on your pet and make it extremely convenient, often being able to perform our services in half the time it would take to go to a conventional groomer. 

If you have multiple pets, we can groom them at the same time. We provide baths, nail trimming, hair cuts and brushing for dogs and cats. 

We use a variety of products most are all-natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Price List 

  • Small Dog (0-20 lbs): $50 per hour
  • Medium Dog (20-40 lbs): $55 per hour
  • Large Dog (40-60 lbs): $60 per hour

  • Extra Large Dog (60 lbs or more) and Cats: $65 per hour
  • House-Call Fee for Each Appointment: $20